The LDM Group Information Technology Practice

We work alongside our client-partner to analyze their organization’s unique needs to deliver exceedingly configured technical workforce solutions combining expertise from industry and tools needed to make the right decisions. Our team of technical consultants are available regardless of how large or small of a mission. We are agile in our approach contributing to the accomplishment of both goals and objectives, playing key roles in organizing and developing various processes

Nontraditional: LDM is not a traditional “temporary” agencies rather we are a Workforce Solutions Consulting firm. Our seasoned technical consultants undergo a thorough vetting process and are highly compensated with flexible employment packages. This affords our ability to assign consultants to “right client-partner” indefinitely rather than short term solutions. We pride ourselves on high retention and low turnover.

Our technical service areas:

  • Cyber Security and ISSO
  • Database Administrator
  • Developers
  • Engineers
  • Help Desk
  • IT Modernization
  • Systems Analyst
  • Network Architects
  • Network Administrators
  • Technical Writers
  • Technicians
  • Web developer

LDM offers two flexible service models:

Hourly. Our technical consultants, experts in their field of practice, works onsite at the designated office under the direct supervision of your leadership. The consultant integrates and represents the client-partners organization utilizing an assigned company email, following established policies and procedures.
Services available can be full time or part-time hours. You determine what role, responsibilities and level of and level of effort. Our practitioners are the best in the industry.

Retainer. We understand the challenge of needing a workforce, not having the budget for a full-time resource and paying costly employer taxes, fringe benefits and running payroll. Our retainer model allows customers to purchase a bucket of hours at a flat rate or a fixed monthly retainer to utilize to manage predictable costs.