Training & Development Human Capital Services

LDM is dedicated to transforming workplace culture. We provide customized Training & Development services based on your goals, mission and culture. Our training experts will meet with you to get a clear understanding of your audience, their levels, experiences and what you wish to achieve (i.e., Teambuilding, Leadership & Supervisory Method, Mission Oriented Training to name a few).

LDM Trainer Consultants specialize in transforming workplace culture. We design interventions programs that allow the workplace to become an inclusive setting that works well for all. Our coaching helps to create socially responsible leaders that are invested in developing a more positive productive workplace environment.

Relationships between individuals in the workplace are the key to the success of any organization. We work to energize and engage the workplace by empowering individuals with knowledge, awareness and skills to reconnect on a human level.

Our training programs are based on the number of sessions and topic(s) only and not the number of participate. We provide you with a flat Inclusive fixed hourly fee quote after the completion of a series of data collection interviews with you, your Top tier management team and your partners to understand and gather necessary information to help us better design a customized program that addresses your business need.

If you would like a preliminary cost-free analysis quote, I will be happy to schedule a time to further discuss the details of your developmental needs.


  • Diversity and Culture Awareness
  • Federally mandated “Anti-Harassment”
  • Training for Supervisor and Managers
  • Executive Coaching Training
  • Teambuilding
  • Effective Communication
  • Developing Job descriptions
  • How to Legally Interview “Does and Don’ts”
  • Recruiting Fundamentals
  • Hiring and Firing Training “Does and Don’ts”
  • Performance Management
  • Security Briefing Training (for Federal Contractors with security clearances)